Special Sessions

Currently, the following special sessions have been proposed.

No. Name of Special Sessions
SS1 Sepcial Sessions on Advanced Control of Vibrational and Underactuated Mechatronic Systems, orgnised by Prof. Zhang, Menghua, Prof. Ouyang, Huimin and Prof. Sun, Ning
SS2 Sepcial Sessions on Chaos and Applications, orgnised by Prof. Qi, Guoyuan
SS3 Sepcial Sessions on System Identification, orgnised by Ding, Feng and Xu, Ling
SS4 Sepcial Sessions on Optimization and Control of Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle, orgnised by Hu, Chaofang
SS5 Sepcial Sessions on Wireless Communication and Networking, orgnised by Zhao, Yanxiao and Sun, Hui
SS6 Sepcial Sessions on Modelling and Estimation of Complex Systems Based on Learning Mechanism, orgnised by Jin, Xuebo and Su, Tingli
SS7 Sepcial Sessions on Intelligent Control, Estimation, Diagnosis and Monitoring Based on Machine Learning, orgnised by Zhang, Weicun , Wang, Rui and Sun, Hui
SS8 Sepcial Sessions on Advanced Guidance, Navigation, and Control for Dynamic Systems, orgnised by Jiang, Wei , Yang, Shu and Mu, Lingxia